Real Time Meditation

Side effects of experiential meditation

side effect of experiential meditation

Instructions prior meditation sitting:

To have a better experience and gain maximum benefit during the online meditation sitting, we insist that you take due care of the following things:


  • Meditation is an inward journey and let it not get interrupted by external disturbances. So chose a place where you won’t be interrupted by anyone or anything and the surrounding be calm and clean.
  • Simply put, it can be your clutter free living room too, but make sure you are left alone and there is no noise from the television or mobile rings.


  • Early morning hours are much suited but then if you think it wouldn’t work out for you for some genuine reasons, then fix a time where you can have the lone time with very little or no noise around.
  • Also make sure that you have a fixed time dedicated for meditation so that it becomes a part of your routine invariably.


  • There are no hard and fast rules on which particular posture you have to sit while meditation. All we expect you to do is just be seated in such a way that you feel comfortable and relaxed.


  • All we expect you to do is NOTHING. Yes, you read it right. There’s absolutely no necessity to take any effort in the way you sit or breathe or anything for that sake, in order to start with meditation.
  • Stay relaxed, sit comfortably and just look ahead for further instructions from the preceptor during the live online session.
  • During meditation see to that that your mind be free of thoughts, if not, at least make sure that the thoughts that arise doesn’t form a chain.
  • If in case you still feel that you couldn’t take your focus out of your thoughts and it’s disturbing, then as a simple aid to get you along the process, try concentrating just on your heartbeats.

So, keep it simple and just be relaxed to enjoy the experiential meditation bliss.

Disclaimer: For various reasons pertaining to a particular individual, the meditation sitting may or may not show effectiveness in an individual right from the very first sitting. It may take a few sittings to some while few may experience right from the first sitting. All that we would say is that, meditation is a journey and it takes time, a lifetime.

Side effects of experiential meditation:

Though side effects wouldn’t be the appropriate word, we would like to make you aware that there could be following possibilities too which may make you feel momentarily unpleasant.

  • In the initial days of practising meditation, having not been used to sit silently for minutes together, the sitting itself may make you feel physically uneasy. But don’t give up. Make sure you are seated comfortably in a relaxed posture. Keep it going.
  • During meditation, in the moments of silence, your subconscious state of mind will be awakened. There can be pictures or thoughts stored during past experiences (not the present) coming up which may make you feel weird or restless. Just keep calm. It is just momentary.
  • There can be reflections of your own thoughts or imaginations popping up or mere darkness which can be disturbing. Remember to just witness and not lose yourself to the momentary uneasiness. This too shall pass.